Empathy and Gratitude in a Time of Coronavirus

I’m scared. Everyone is scared.

But we don’t have to be scared stupid.

When people get scared, they think in black or white. Good or bad. Us or them.

When we’re scared and isolated, we start to project what’s inside of us onto Others. We pretend those Others are unlike us, even that we want to hurt those Others, because we really feel worthless and ashamed and frightened.

We all feel like that. It’s ok.

The left and the right feel that way. So do women and men, poor and rich. So do those both with and without formal education. We all feel afraid, and we can all choose to transcend our fear by engaging empathy and gratitude.

Empathy because we’re all feeling the same things…

… and gratitude because the world is such a wonderful place to live, and offers so many reasons to endure and improve.

Stay healthy. Stay safe. Love each other.

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