Below you will find a list of the books which I’ve written or am writing, along with brief descriptions. If you’d like to receive emails when new books come out, just sign up to my mailing list.

A list of current and forthcoming books by Ing Venning, an outsider, pagan, lgbtq+, mentally ill, feminist, disabled, gifted, vegetarian author

Between Hospitals: An eclectic collection of my early short stories

Born in a Museum
: Essays on my favorite literature, music, movies, games, and artwork

Cats Run This Library: A collection of essays, meditations, and rituals for pagans

The Chronicles of Dule (1. Plague of Consequences, 2. City of Cages, 3. The Final Translator): A trilogy of epic fantasy novels for socialists

Eclecticon, Volume 913 1/3: A sampler of my work

Family History: A short opera for which I wrote the libretto and the talented Patrick Brown wrote the music

Lexical Numerals: A collection of my early poems

Naked Maids and Horny Butlers: A collection of socialist erotica

Puddles with Wings: A collection of recent poems

Sources: An eclectic collection of recent short stories, mostly retellings

Tales from My Blurry Childhood: A collection of fictional creative “non”fiction

Tales from My Hazy Adulthood: A further collection of fictional creative “non”fiction

Wheel of the Year (1. Descent, 2. Midwinter, 3. Shadow Day, 4. Awakening, 5. Quickening, 6. Midsummer, 7. Suns’ Reach, 8. Midharvest, 9. Another Descent): A series of portal fantasy novels featuring pagan protagonists